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Must-Have Christmas Tree Decorations for 2020

To some, decorating for the holidays is the best part about the Christmas season! Are you in that boat? If so, check out our favorite, top 11, must-have decorations for your Christmas tree for 2020 below:

(1) CF-2179: Black and White Buffalo Check Ornament

This fabric, buffalo check ornament adds elegance to any farmhouse Christmas tree! In fact, its soft, cotton feel makes it easy for anyone to hang on the tree without having to stress about handing the fragile ornaments to the little ones in your home! These cotton ornaments are available in two different variations of the buffalo check pattern. Choose one style, or spruce up your tree with a combination of all four fabric, buffalo check ornaments that we offer!

    (2) FR-8033: Chippy White Skates Ornament

    If you’re like the Collins team, we are always looking for different and unique ways to elevate decor in our homes. We’ve done just that with our beaded skating ornament for the holidays. Instead of worrying about finding more ornament hooks at the bottom of the bin, we’ve eliminated them completely! Just add this hanging ornament to your tree or mantle for that added vintage feel to your holiday! It’s one you don’t want to miss out on!

    (3) FR-9201: Baby Chippy White Photo Ornament

    Sometimes, the best part about having a Christmas tree is getting to display the numerous years of children’s art projects and homemade ornaments for their family - or the memories captured in school pictures and other major milestones over the years. We’ve included a plethora of hanging photo ornaments for any occasion and milestone with spots for your favorite images to sit on each branch of your tree. As an added bonus to these frames, they make great Christmas gifts too!




    (4) FR-8994: 1st Christmas As Mr & Mrs 2020 Chippy Wood Ornament

    Capturing and remembering certain milestones in life is a memory you will always want to remember. Usually that means something in your life has changed or will change in the near future…and that’s something worth celebrating! Stock up on these adorable, chippy-white, milestone ornaments for 2020. With an ornament for your tree, you're guaranteed to reminisce about that day when decorating every year.


    (5) FR-9095: Chippy White, Beaded Ornament

    Going for the vintage or farmhouse vibe for Christmas? Then our beaded ornaments are just for you! The trim-like texture and chippy detail will add great volume and texture to your tree or garland. In addition, we’ve created this collection in hopes you’d add them ALL to your tree for a cohesive, farmhouse themed, white Christmas! Check them out!

    (6) FR-9180: Black and White Buffalo Check Truck/Tree Gift Tag

    You may be thinking, “Isn’t this a gift tag for a present?” Well, yeah! But who cares! Isn’t it adorable? We love its versatility and farmhouse feel. Simply hang it on a branch, or lay it in your garland to add color and personality to any tree, garland, or present! Check out to shop all of our gift tags and ornaments!

    (7) FR-8080: Wonderful RB Wood Ornament

    This farmhouse-feeling framed ornament is the perfect reminder to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with food, presents, Jesus, and family! Check out our website to see more buffalo check designs to pair this ornament with!

    (8) FR-9107: Cozy Inside Beaded Ornament

    A fan favorite! These beaded, tin, colorful ornaments add spunk and wit to your tree. With relatable sayings and cute verbiage, your visitors will spend a handful of time browsing your tree for all these dainty ornaments! Check out our website for the whole collection of tin ornaments that are perfect for you! (Some may even make you laugh!)

    (9) FR-9103: Noel Beaded Cube Ornament

    This cube ornament is one of our best selling ornaments without a doubt! The elegant white beads and moving blocks add the farmhouse and home-y feel to your living room! 

    (10) FR-9192: Home for the Holidays House Ornament

    Christmas is all about being home and spending time with those you love the most. When everyone comes over, give them time to check out these elegant, vintage ornaments on your tree and appreciate what it means to be home for the holidays! Ultimately, check out to see the entire home ornament line our team has designed just for you!

    (11) FR-8606: BW Check Bulb Ornament

    This adorable bulb-shaped ornament is a spunky way to add personality to your tree. The spiraled hook at the top creates a fun way of displaying your favorite ornaments for all to see!


    Stock up on all these adorable Christmas tree decorations for your tree this season! Every year our team brainstorms new designs that don't stay in stock long, so take advantage of these adorable decorations before they head back to the North Pole!

    Happy Holidays and Happy Decorating!