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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers For Anyone

When we asked Pam what her top 10 stocking stuffers were for 2020, it was hard for her to decide on just 10! This has been an eventful year for everyone, so it’s only appropriate that she included some funny, light-hearted, and/or COVID-19 related merchandise to remember 2020. Check out her top picks:

  1. FR-9034: Snowman Cutout

    This adorable, dainty snowman is only about 4 inches tall and is the perfect addition to any home! Whether it sits atop your kitchen counter, bathroom cabinet, mantle, or bedside table, our smiling snowman is guaranteed to make you smile! Don’t you just love how cute it is?

  2. CA-3830: Wash Your Hands Large Sitter

    It’s only fitting for Pam to add this to her list, right?! How many times have we heard this short phrase this year? Dealing with the pandemic, social distancing, and quarantine has made 2020 a year to remember. Add this 10 inch long sign to anyone’s stocking and we promise they will love it!

  3. FR-8980: Chippy White Trim Tree Cutout (SMALL = 5” tall)

    Farmhouse Christmas seems to be the desired theme for the holidays this year. Would you say the same? Adding this to a loved one’s stocking is a simple decoration that will go with any Christmas decor they already have! Better yet: this trim tree is available in three sizes as well (small, medium, and large)!

  4. FR-9108: Like Home Beaded Tin Ornament

    First off, how adorable is this ornament? This tin, hanging placard is the next addition you need for your tree, mantle garland, or gift decor! We think most people can confirm that being home for the holidays is the best feeling in the world. For Pam, she loves spending time with her dog and her family! Hop on over to to check out our collection of tin ornaments like this one!

  5. PS-5373: Red and Black Buffalo Check Florida Tin Ornament

    Pam is enjoying her new home in the Sunshine State soaking up the sun and having fun! She spends a majority of her time helping with Collins Fresh + Original, enjoying the nice weather, and spending time with her husband and her dog, so it’s only appropriate for our Florida ornament to be on her list of favorites! Add this to someone’s stocking who loves to travel, lives in a different state, or maybe even had their dream vacation cancelled due to the pandemic! Add that little sense of home to everyone’s stocking!

  6. FR-9104: Hope Beaded Cube Ornament

    Pair this adorable cube ornament with the Chippy White Trim Tree Cutout (featured above) for an adorable stocking stuffer duo. Pam loves this ornament because it’s a simple reminder to always have hope…especially with how the world is going today! The simple beads at the top add elegance as it’s another perfect addition to any Christmas tree or stocking!

  7. CA-3011: 12 Million Dollars Sitter

    Raise your hand if you can relate! Coffee, puppies, and money…three things a woman loves! Pam added this to her stocking stuffer list because it’s the perfect blend of cute, truth, and wit. Envision this 8 inch long sitter sign sitting swiftly at the top of her stocking with more items she loves - gift cards, chocolate, bath bombs, and socks!


  1. FR-9155: Bake of It Tin Ornament

    Christmas is the time of year where all your Pinterest baking pins come to life! If you’re like Pam, anything sweet or with chocolate catches your eye, so this tin ornament is perfect for her stocking! Include a sweet treat with this ornament and you’re guaranteed to receive some brownie points! (Ha! Get it!? “Baking” and “Brownie Points”? We are some punny people at Collins)!


  1. FR-9097: Deer Beaded Chippy White Ornament

    Similar to the Chippy White Trim Tree Cutout and the HOPE Box Beaded Ornament, this deer ornament is the perfect contribution to turn that duo into a trio! Pam loves how simple, yet elegant this ornament is. It would look perfect on any tree or mantle.


  1. CA-3828: You Got This Jute Block Sign

    Last but not least, Pam loves our “You Got This” sign because it’s the perfect size for any desk, shelf, or stocking! It’s that little bit of encouragement that every one needs to get through the day!


The list could go on-and-on with Pam’s favorite stocking stuffers. When we asked her to make a list, she almost couldn’t decide on 10! Check out our website - to add these stocking stuffers - and so many more - to your cart.

We know your family and friends will love them all! Happy Holidays!