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Our Story


Get to know the story behind our story - where we came from and how we got here.


Founded in 1995 by Larry and Pam Collins, Collins Painting and Design, LLC started as a provider of handmade wood signs and decorative accessories with a primitive flair. Those were the days when our product line was small, numbering less than 100 items. Though we started out small, our business and our potential is growing swiftly and steadily every day. In 2008, we doubled our size and found our home in a beautiful, 22,000 square foot custom-built warehouse. This move has afforded us the opportunity to dramatically increase our efficiency, production, and sales.


As our demand increased, we began to explore ways to better serve you. By importing our resources, we have been able to expand our production, extend our reach globally, and focus on what truly matters: Providing excellent customer service and exceptional products at competitive, wholesale prices.

“Fresh and Original” is our middle name! Our focus is to bring fresh and original products to the market each year and that has been the key to our rapid growth. Typically, we replace at least 50% of our product line with new artwork every year. Our holiday collections are limited edition so we are always providing the very latest in design trends.


Today, we have an in-house team of designers working their hearts out to bring our customers fresh and original artwork. We have a true passion for hand lettering, kind words, and hearty laughs.

Twenty years ago, we were simply a little hand lettered sign company with big dreams. Now, with greater resources at our disposal, we are able to mass-produce our happy, hand lettered creations designed right here in the United States. We’ve evolved from country primitive to a cleaner, trendier gift line with a style that works great for a variety of stores.

Our product line consists of over 4,000 products that are being distributed by over 5,000 fabulous retailers worldwide.


Let our products take your sales to the next level. Give us a call or take a look at our ever changing product selection on our website, We also produce multiple look books a year so you can view our fun and exciting products at your leisure. We love teamwork, especially when that team includes you!

Our minimum order is $150.00. Each of our items has a minimum quantity per item that is determined by packaging. If we’ve got it in stock, we can have it to you in a flash. Our online shopping at can show you our current selection, keep you up-to-date on our stock status and how soon we can get it to you. Reorders are typically shipped within 24 hours as long as the product is in stock.

We pride ourselves on the fact that what you are getting is top notch. If by chance, your order comes damaged, let us make it right! We will quickly replace the damaged product or credit back to your account in case that isn’t an option. Backorders under $50 are cancelled, unless you have a special request otherwise.


We also are proud to say that we have a permanent showroom in AmericasMart in Atlanta. It’s open to retailers only and features a plethora of our best-selling, everyday and seasonal signs! We encourage you to check it out if you’re coming to market!